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A traveler meets a lot of people. Some might already been forgotten, others are new and strangers. There are those who will remain and will never leave. While there are the ones who are not meant to be a part of the future and forgo the connection. Be blessed in whatever way they become. Enjoy the friendship until it lasts. Because there are people meant to be known, yet their purpose may be short lived. Be sure to learn from them, for they may never come back and aboard in your next journeys…

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Windows Diaries: The Undying Link

So i have searched all over the internet to no avail.

Whenever I am opening any browser to surf, my homepage was changed. Initial window always direct to hohosearch.com. It really irritates me. So I change the settings. But it seem immortal. Despite changing the profile, it still recurs and seems to bypass my settings.

So I let it go. I just go incognito and stop the loading and type google.com everytime I want to search. Then I remembered CCleaner was installed in my laptop. I though why not give it a try and see if it can sweep my problem away.


Voila. It worked. I don’t know if my late father has asked his colleague to install it in his laptop because as I remember he also has some issues with it before. Luckily, when I opened my browsers, they now go to my homepage.

If you are also experiencing this problem, I suggest you to also try this tool. You will be spared with privacy issues, lagging times and anomalies in your system.

Maybe I will be keeping my eye now on the softwares I install to see if there are any malware or adwares attached in them so this won’t happen again.

Happy browsing.



Of Freelancing, Time and Effort

I am a newbie in freelancing.

As of late, I am trying to add streams of passive income to my ample employee salary. haha

I am eyeing investing and trading in stocks, but I know I am not yet reaady for that.

So here I am, talking to whoever who might listen to me.

As a starter in freelancing, I started with freelancer. Though up until now, some of the offers I alwaysbeen awarded were sort of sugarcoating… Most are posed as data entry, and still end up on captcha typing.

So I explore more and stumble upon essays.ph…. Up until now my submission is under review… So I am hoping to develop several skills such as content writing, time management and visual designing….

And never forget, just with my first dilemma in talks with the employers, check your time conversion… Most will be from different timezone, therefore due care must be given on time. We are Philippine Standard Time, UTC +8. hahah….

My first offer was GMT +6, and the instruction was to work on 6:00PM=12:00PM… To my horror it was 2:00AM onwards on our clock in the Philippines. So it means I should take the work seriously and save a generous ration of coffee on my cabinets.

If you are in need of various services such as data entry, SEO, article writing, project management and others but willing to have remote assistants or workers, I suggest you hire freelancers like me on freelancer.ph . You will not regret hiring from it because it has access to multitude of talented individuals who have developed themselves in various areas of their choosing.

Some can help you code a program, android games, design websites, write articles, translate manuscripts, create video and other things that they excel with and have knowledge or expertise.

That’s it for now coz I have some assignments to do.. Happy freelancing!



My Take on What Transpired Today 050916

We as children of our country, are given the rights and obligations we shall live with. How will we know such things if they are unknown to us.

Today, as we celebrate our right of suffrage, we must open our minds on this hidden treasures of ours. It will be beneficial to learn the Philippine Constitution, not as religiously as the scholars do, but as lightly as needed just to have a glimpse of what we are not knowing.

Let us never forget our birth right. Our right to live, our right to choose, our right to be worthy Filipinos. As we wait for our next leaders, let the change start from us. Their titles will just be titles, because in the Law of God, we are all equal. What we do for our life one will affect each and every fellow of ours.

God bless the Philippines.

Live with the King

King /kING/ noun.:

  1. the male ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth
  2. a person or thing regarded as the finest or most important in its sphere or group.

Lo and behold, the handset synonymous with the words King of Android, the Nexus 6P.

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